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Urology Coding Quickstart

Proven Formula to Get Urologists Paid Accurately For Every Service Provided

Part #3: What It Looks Like

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What Your Practice Looks Like  

with a team that really knows documentation, coding, and billing

As a urologist, you know how essential it is to provide top-quality care to your patients. However, almost as important is ensuring that you are properly coding and billing for the services you provide.

This is where having a team (including you!) that is proficient in urology coding can benefit you and your practice in many ways.

Your Practice Will Be...

Making More Money

One of the most significant benefits of having a proficient urology coding team is that it can help your practice earn more money. When your team has a deep understanding of urology coding, they can identify and properly code all the services provided.

This, in turn, can lead to higher reimbursement rates, resulting in increased revenue for your practice.

Increase Earnings by 10% Gross
By having a proficient urology coding team, your practice can expect to increase earnings by an average of 10% gross, which goes right to the bottom line.

Saving Time

Coding and billing can be time-consuming and complicated. Having a team that is proficient in urology coding can save your practice time by streamlining the coding and billing process.

With a skilled team in place, you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients and communicating exactly what you did, while the coding team takes care of the administrative work.

You can eliminate self-inflicted denials therefore you will have fewer denials.  Since you are confident you have coded it correctly each denial generates an appeal or a lesson further streamlining your operations. 

Experiencing Increased Peace of Mind

Audits can be a daunting experience for any medical practice. However, with a proficient coding team in place, you can rest assured that all services provided are properly coded and billed, reducing the risk of any audit-related takebacks.

This can give you peace of mind knowing that your practice is operating within compliance guidelines.

Also, knowing that you are not being taken advantage of by the payers also helps with your state of mind.

Suffering Less Burnout

According to a recent Medscape Survey, in 2022, 47% of Urologists are reporting burnout. 
61% of those surveyed blame it on the bureaucratic demands, rules and regulations

When asked what would reduce their burnout:
45% said increased income
44% said a more manageable work schedule.

Having an office where each individual really understands coding and billing and the process would help reduce burnout by increasing income and saving time.

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