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Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar (UACRS)


Horseshoe, Las Vegas • December 6th - 7th, 2024
Harrah's, New Orleans • January 31st & February 1st, 2025

Friday 8 am - 4 pm & Saturday 8 am - 3:30 pm
​​Includes Breakfast and Lunch Both Days

Keeping Up With Urology Coding And Reimbursement Is Complicated!

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2025 UACRS Topics

Optimizing Urology E/&M Coding

Efficiently Determining the Correct Level, Strategies for Documentation, Real Life Examples

Exploring Urology Revenue Opportunities

New Technologies, Chronic / Principal Care Management, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, In-Office Dispensing, Patient Navigators

Unlocking Urology Telehealth Success

Coding, Reimbursement, and Best Practices

Elevating Urology Front Office Efficiency

Strategies for Seamless Workflow, Patient Engagement, and Revenue Enhancement, ICD-10

Urology AR Follow-Up and Appeals Strategies

Maximizing Revenue Recovery Through Effective Denials Management, ICD-10

AI Role in Documentation, Coding, and Billing

Mastering Effective Communication with Urology Providers for Accurate Coding and Billing

Navigating Urologist Compensation and Practice Options

Insights into Market Trends, Contracting, Ownership Choices, and Ancillary Revenue Synergies

Annual Update - Urology Coding and Reimbursement

Medicare Policy, Private Payers Trending Denials/Edits/Alerts, and Leveraging AI for Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

Mastering Modifiers and the Global Package

Including Unpacking Modifier -25 for Accurate Reimbursement

Urology Coding Workshop

Decoding Real-Life Clinical Scenarios to Enhance Coding Rules Application Efficiency

Ensuring Urology Coding Compliance

Strategies for Effective Auditing, Education, and Defense in Today's Regulatory Landscape

Urology ICD-10 Coding

How to Ensure Accurate Diagnosis Coding

December 6-7, 2024
Las Vegas, NV - Horseshoe (formerly Bally's)

Las Vegas VIP Discount Ends Friday, 5/12

January 31-February 1, 2025
New Orleans, LA - Harrah's

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Included Topics

(Some Topics May Change Based on New Information. Final Agenda to be Released in September)

  • ​2025 Urology Coding Update: provides urology practices with the latest coding updates and guidance to ensure that they are properly coding and billing for their services.
  • AI Role in Documentation, Coding, and Billing: how you can use this technology effectively in your practice
  • Documentation for Reimbursement: what to include in your documentation to assure you are paid for all services provided
  • Urology E/M Coding: guidance on the appropriate use of evaluation and management (E/M) codes for urology services, helping practices to accurately code for office visits, consultations, and other E/M services.
  • E/M Modifiers with Urology Examples: The update provides urology-specific examples of E/M modifiers, which are used to indicate that a service was provided under unusual circumstances or with special considerations.
  • Global Package: information on the global package, which is a bundled payment for surgical services that includes pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative services. Understanding the global package is crucial for urology practices to ensure they are properly billing for their surgical services.
  • Surgery Modifiers for Urology: guidance on surgery modifiers specific to urology services, which are used to indicate the specific circumstances of a surgical procedure, such as multiple procedures or staged procedures.
  • New Urology Technology Coding: latest technologies and procedures used in the field of urology and provide guidance on how to accurately and efficiently code them. We would discuss the importance of proper coding for medical facilities and review common coding challenges and solutions.
  • ​​Problem Urology Coding: common coding errors and compliance issues in urology. We would discuss the potential consequences of incorrect coding, such as payment denials or legal consequences, and provide guidance on how to avoid these issues.
  • ​Lab and Radiology Coding - Urology: coding for lab and radiology services specific to urology patients. We would review the different types of services that may be provided, such as urine tests or ultrasounds, and discuss how to accurately code them for billing purposes.
  • ​​Urology ICD-10 Coding: codes used for urology diagnoses and provide guidance on how to properly document patient conditions for billing and reimbursement purposes.
  • New Urology Revenue Opportunities: identifying and implementing new revenue-generating opportunities in urology practices or facilities. Strategies for exploring new procedures, technologies, or services that can be offered to patients.
  • Getting Paid Accurately, No Take Backs: Documentation, Appeals, Team Communication, Compliance: Auditing, Education, Defense
  • System-Wide RCM Processes: Strategies to Promote Efficient Front Office Work Flow, Collections, Information Verification and Successful Patient Encounters
  • Business of Urology: How You are Paid, RVUs, Coding & Billing Business Metrics, Compensation and Employment Agreements

Speakers / Presenters

Join us at the forefront of urology documentation, coding, and reimbursement knowledge at the 2025 Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar. We are proud to present a lineup of speakers whose expertise is unparalleled, featuring some of the most renowned and respected authorities in the field. Our speakers are not just thought leaders; they are trailblazers who have shaped the landscape of urology coding and reimbursement.
Here's a closer look at our distinguished speakers:

Mark Painter

With an impressive background in medical billing and coding, Mark Painter stands as a beacon of knowledge in the complex world of healthcare reimbursement. Mark's approach to coding education is both comprehensive and accessible, making him a favorite among professionals seeking to navigate the intricacies of urology coding with ease and confidence. His workshops are meticulously designed to address the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in urology reimbursement, ensuring attendees are well-equipped to maximize their practice's financial health.

Dr. John Lin

Dr. John Lin is a titan in the world of urology, bringing decades of experience and innovation to the table. As a practicing urologist and a fervent advocate for advancing urological care through improved coding practices, Dr. Lin's insights are both practical and revolutionary. His work has not only enhanced patient care but has also streamlined the administrative aspects of urology practices worldwide. Dr. Lin's sessions are a blend of deep expertise, real-world examples, and forward-thinking strategies designed to empower healthcare professionals.

Marianne Desciose

As the Director of Operations for PRS Managed Services, Marianne Descoise brings a wealth of experience in medical office efficiencies and urology coding. Her expertise is critical for practices aiming to optimize their operations while adhering to coding standards and compliance requirements. Marianne's insights are indispensable for anyone looking to enhance the financial and operational health of their urology practice.

Scott Painter

Scott Painter has a interest and unique understanding of AI in documentation, coding and billing.  He will outline strategies for incorporating AI technologies to streamline billing processes and enhance revenue while ensuring compliance. As a co-host of the Urology Coding and Reimbursement Podcast, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field. 

And More Industry Experts

As the seminar approaches, we will be announcing additional speakers, each selected for their exceptional contributions to the field of urology coding and reimbursement. These industry experts will bring fresh perspectives, cutting-edge research, and practical advice to ensure attendees are at the leading edge of their profession

Why Attend?

This seminar is more than just an educational event; it's an opportunity to engage with the best minds in urology coding and reimbursement. Whether you're looking to refine your coding skills, stay ahead of regulatory changes, or explore innovative reimbursement strategies, our speakers will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

​​Don't miss this chance to learn from the best in the business. Join us for a transformative experience that will elevate your professional practice and set new standards of excellence in urology coding and reimbursement.

December 6-7, 2024
Las Vegas, NV - Horseshoe (formerly Bally's)

Las Vegas VIP Discount Ends Friday, 5/12

January 31-February 1, 2025
New Orleans, LA - Harrah's

Special Early Bird Discount
​Use Code 25UACRS732

Networking Opportunities at UACRS​

We understand that networking is a crucial part of your professional growth and learning experience. That's why we've designed our seminar not just as an educational event, but as a vibrant platform for connecting with peers, industry leaders, and innovators.

Inclusive Dining Experiences: Included in your registration, the seminar offers complimentary breakfast and lunch on both days. These meals are more than just a chance to refuel; they are prime opportunities to mingle in a relaxed setting. Share insights, discuss challenges, and explore solutions with colleagues who share your passion for urology coding and reimbursement. It's a chance to build relationships that can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and friendships.

Strategically Scheduled Breaks: Beyond meals, our carefully scheduled breaks are timed to maximize your opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations. Whether you're seeking advice from a seasoned expert or sharing your latest success story, these breaks provide the perfect backdrop.

Exposure to Industry Exhibitors: The seminar also features a curated selection of industry exhibitors. These breaks in the schedule allow you to discover the latest tools, technologies, and services designed to streamline your practice's operations. Engage with exhibitors to learn about cutting-edge solutions that can take your practice to the next level.

Access to Speakers: What sets UACRS apart is the accessibility of our speakers. Not only will you learn from their presentations, but you'll also have the chance to connect with them during meals and breaks. It's a rare opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights from some of the leading minds in urology coding and reimbursement.

​UACRS is more than a seminar; it's a community. By participating, you're not just attending an event; you're joining a network of professionals dedicated to excellence in urology practice management. Don't miss this chance to expand your professional network, discover new opportunities, and forge valuable connections that will support your career for years to come.


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Who should attend?

  • All Urologists; Employed, Large and Small Groups, Academic, Private Equity and Private Practice
  • ​Urology APPs​
  • ​Urology Coders and Billers
  • ​Urology Administrators, CEOs, CFOs
  • ​​Urology Practice Manager
  • ​Urology RNs​

  • (Discounts for additional attendees)

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Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar

Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar

This 2-day seminar helps you prepare your practice for 2025 and beyond. Make your practice efficient and avoid common coding and billing mistakes. Learn from others.

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Access the slides, syllabus, and handouts to all the presentations. View the scenarios and other resources mentioned at the seminar.

Hotel Information

Horseshoe Las Vegas
3645 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Harrah's New Orleans
228 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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December 6-7, 2024
Las Vegas, NV - Horseshoe (formerly Bally's)

Las Vegas VIP Discount Ends Friday, 5/12

January 31-February 1, 2025
New Orleans, LA - Harrah's

Special Early Bird Discount
​Use Code 25UACRS732

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Can we expect a syllabus for the seminar?

You will receive a link via email to download the slide presentation. The final version of the slides will be available one day before the seminar, due to the evolving nature of the material.

What are the hours of the Seminar?

Friday 8 am - 4 pm
Saturday 8 am - 3:30 pm

Will we be given a copy of the slide presentation?

You will receive a link via email to download the slide presentation. The final version of the slides will be available one day before the seminar, due to the evolving nature of the material.

Are there any meals included in the seminar?

Yes, breakfast and lunch are include in the registration for both days.

Is complimentary parking available?

Limited parking validations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please inform us via email if you plan to drive, and we will reserve a validation for you.

Will Wifi be accessible at the presentation venue?

Wifi is available in the presentation room.

Will there be access to power for electronic devices at the presentation venue?

Power strips are provided and available on each table.

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