Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar (UACRS)

Harrah's, New Orleans • January 26th & 27th, 2024

Keeping Up With Urology Coding And Reimbursement Is Complicated!

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Sample Agenda

8 am - 4:30 pm (Friday)
8 am - 3:30 pm (Saturday)



Optimizing Urology E/&M Coding

Efficiently Determining the Correct Level, Strategies for Documentation, Real Life Examples

Exploring Urology Revenue Opportunities

New Technologies, Chronic / Principal Care Management, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, In-Office Dispensing, Patient Navigators


Unlocking Urology Telehealth Success

Coding, Reimbursement, and Best Practices

Elevating Urology Front Office Efficiency

Strategies for Seamless Workflow, Patient Engagement, and Revenue Enhancement, ICD-10

Urology AR Follow-Up and Appeals Strategies

Maximizing Revenue Recovery Through Effective Denials Management, ICD-10

Breakout Session A1 - Bridging the Communication Gap: Providers, Coders and Billers

Mastering Effective Communication with Urology Providers for Accurate Coding and Billing

Breakout Session A2 - Navigating Urologist Compensation and Practice Options

Insights into Market Trends, Contracting, Ownership Choices, and Ancillary Revenue Synergies



Annual Update - Urology Coding and Reimbursement

Medicare Policy, Private Payers Trending Denials/Edits/Alerts, and Leveraging AI for Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

Mastering Modifiers and the Global Package

Including Unpacking Modifier -25 for Accurate Reimbursement


Urology Coding Workshop

Decoding Real-Life Clinical Scenarios to Enhance Coding Rules Application Efficiency

Ensuring Urology Coding Compliance

Strategies for Effective Auditing, Education, and Defense in Today's Regulatory Landscape

Urology ICD-10 Coding

How to Ensure Accurate Diagnosis Coding

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Hear what some of our past attendees have to say

A Seminar Story

A successful urologist, making a decent salary and frustrated with the endless rules and regulations, found himself worrying that payers were taking advantage of him.

Despite learning coding from colleagues, coders, and billers, reading articles, and attending occasional webinars, he felt there may be some rules and regs he didn't know or understand.

Feeling determined to improve, the urologist made the decision to attend our Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar in Las Vegas. It was only one day out of the clinic and a night or two in Vegas would be fun, he thought.

During the discussion on E&M Modifiers, the urologist learned more about Modifier -25, a concept he quickly realized was essential to urology coding. In his practice, they were not using Modifier -25 correctly, and he was determined to capture and bill all instances of it in the new year.

A year later, the urologist happily raised his hand during the Modifier -25 discussion and shared his story. Before attending the previous year's Seminar, he was confident that his partners, coders, and billers were doing a good job. However, he learned that he was missing out on significant revenue by not using Modifier -25 appropriately.

Thanks to the knowledge gained at the Seminar, he made an extra $100,000 that year by properly using Modifier -25. The urologist's success story is a testament to the importance of staying informed and continuously learning to thrive in the ever-changing medical industry.

Who should attend?

  • All Urologists; Employed, Large and Small Groups, Academic, Private Equity and Private Practice
  • ​Urology APPs
  • ​Urology Coders and Billers
  • ​Urology Administrators, CEOs, CFOs
  • ​Urology Practice Manager

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For over 20 years we have been identifying exactly what you need to know and presenting at this Seminar.

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Our Expert Presenters

Dr. M. Ray Painter

Dr. John Lin

Mark Painter
Partner PRS Consulting

Larry Kemp, FACHE
Partner PRS Consulting

Scott Painter

Marianne Desciose
Director of Billing Operations

Included Topics

(Some Topics May Change Based on New Information. Final Agenda to be Released in September)

  • ​2024 Urology Coding Update: provides urology practices with the latest coding updates and guidance to ensure that they are properly coding and billing for their services.
  • Urology E/M Coding: guidance on the appropriate use of evaluation and management (E/M) codes for urology services, helping practices to accurately code for office visits, consultations, and other E/M services.
  • E/M Modifiers with Urology Examples: The update provides urology-specific examples of E/M modifiers, which are used to indicate that a service was provided under unusual circumstances or with special considerations.
  • Global Package: information on the global package, which is a bundled payment for surgical services that includes pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative services. Understanding the global package is crucial for urology practices to ensure they are properly billing for their surgical services.
  • Surgery Modifiers for Urology: guidance on surgery modifiers specific to urology services, which are used to indicate the specific circumstances of a surgical procedure, such as multiple procedures or staged procedures.
  • New Urology Technology Coding: latest technologies and procedures used in the field of urology and provide guidance on how to accurately and efficiently code them. We would discuss the importance of proper coding for medical facilities and review common coding challenges and solutions.
  • ​​Problem Urology Coding: common coding errors and compliance issues in urology. We would discuss the potential consequences of incorrect coding, such as payment denials or legal consequences, and provide guidance on how to avoid these issues.
  • ​Lab and Radiology Coding - Urology: coding for lab and radiology services specific to urology patients. We would review the different types of services that may be provided, such as urine tests or ultrasounds, and discuss how to accurately code them for billing purposes.
  • ​​Urology ICD-10 Coding: codes used for urology diagnoses and provide guidance on how to properly document patient conditions for billing and reimbursement purposes.
  • New Urology Revenue Opportunities: identifying and implementing new revenue-generating opportunities in urology practices or facilities. Strategies for exploring new procedures, technologies, or services that can be offered to patients.
  • Getting Paid Accurately, No Take Backs: Documentation, Appeals, Team Communication, Compliance: Auditing, Education, Defense
  • System-Wide RCM Processes: Strategies to Promote Efficient Front Office Work Flow, Collections, Information Verification and Successful Patient Encounters
  • Business of Urology: How You are Paid, RVUs, Coding & Billing Business Metrics, Compensation and Employment Agreements

New Orleans

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Harrah's New Orleans
228 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: (800) 427-7247

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Thursday - $225.00
Friday and Saturday - $275.00

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Whats Included in the
Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar

Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar

This 2-day seminar helps you prepare your practice for 2023 and beyond. Make your practice efficient and avoid common coding and billing mistakes. Learn from others.

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Access the slides, syllabus, and handouts to all the presentations. View the scenarios and other resources mentioned at the seminar.

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Can we expect a syllabus for the seminar?

You will receive a link via email to download the slide presentation. The final version of the slides will be available one day before the seminar, due to the evolving nature of the material.

What are the hours of the Seminar?

You will receive a link via email to download the slide presentation. The final version of the slides will be available one day before the seminar, due to the evolving nature of the material.

Will we be given a copy of the slide presentation?

Yes, a link will be provided for you to download the slides.

Is complimentary parking available?

Limited parking validations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please inform us via email if you plan to drive, and we will reserve a validation for you.

Will Wifi be accessible at the presentation venue?

Wifi is available in the presentation room.

Will there be access to power for electronic devices at the presentation venue?

Power strips are provided and available on each table.

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