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Online Documentation for Reimbursement Coaching For Urologists and APPs

Documentation, Coding, and Billing Fellowship - Urology 

You don't necessarily have to be a professional coder, but...
You need to learn the rules and how to apply them to accurately document for reimbursement

✓  1. Top Off Learning

✓  2.  Verify Knowledge

✓  3.  Get Paid Accurately

Dr. Martin's Story - Summary

Meet Dr. Martin, a dedicated urologist working as an employed physician for a hospital. Dr. Martin had all the necessary knowledge to do her job, but she faced a challenge - she couldn't earn her bonus due to a lack of work RVUs. After reviewing her contract, Dr. Martin realized that there was no way for her to generate the required work RVUs with her current schedule.

Around the same time, Dr. Martin was having her first child and went on maternity leave. During her leave, she was determined to find a solution to her bonus problem. She came up with an idea: learning coding and billing could potentially help her earn the bonus. She signed up for the PRS urology coding course and spent time mastering the concepts.

Hear Dr. Martin tell her story

Upon returning to work, Dr. Martin reached out to the coding team and requested that no claims be changed without her consultation. Together, they learned the best way to bill for the services she was providing. Dr. Martin's newly acquired skills allowed her to see fewer patients while still generating more work RVUs.

Before learning coding and billing, Dr. Martin was seeing about 250 patients per month and averaging 400 to 500 work RVUs. After taking the course and applying the concepts, she was seeing 170 patients per month and was able to generate double the work RVUs - 800 to 1000.

Dr. Martin's hard work paid off, and she was then able to land her dream job and negotiate a great salary at a new institution using the coding, billing, and work RVU production data.

In summary, Dr. Martin faced a problem, learned a new skill, collaborated with her team, and achieved her goals. With her newfound knowledge, she was able to work smarter, not harder, and get the results she wanted.

Who should become a DCB Urology Fellow?

  • All Urologists; Employed, Large and Small Groups, Academic, Private Equity and Private Practice
  • ​Urology APPs

Why should you and your colleagues
should become DCB Urology Fellows?



Peace of Mind

Fight Burnout


Urologists and Urology APPs have had to apply the "Learn As You Go" method for documentation, coding, and billing.  This leads to gaps in knowledge and institutional trends that leave money on the table.  

Combine that with the Payer's data, increased sophistication, and tools and that leads to Medicare and Private Payers taking advantage of Urologists and APPs.

You are not alone there is not one Urologist or APP that is not impacted.  In fact, Payers are shorting payments by an average of 10% (and this it to the Top Line!).


Save time knowing the documentation best practices, tips, and shortcuts.  Understand what you need to include for: take back resistant documentation.

Having a team that is all on the same page pays dividends in time savings.

Don't interrupt your day looking up Modifiers, instead learn the concepts and include the clear directions in your documentation for your coding and billing staff doesn't have to ask you questions.

Peace of Mind

Do you get a pit in your stomach when you get an audit request?  Urologists and APPs will get audits but if you learn how to accurately document for reimbursement you won't worry about them costing you money and time.

Put your mind at ease knowing you are not being taken advantage of by Payers.  Knowing that your documentation, coding, and billing is accurate and you are on top of all the upcoming changes gives you peace of mind

Fight Burnout

In a recent article "Medscape Physician Burnout and Depression Report 2023: I Cry and No One Cares", it was reported that 47% of Urologists report burnout.  They say that the major cause was all the bureaucratic demands.

When asked what would help, the top two answers were:
1. Increased income
2. A more manageable work schedule

Understanding how to document for reimbursement helps achieve the top two issues.

Our Proven Tools


Here is how we coach you:

Top Off Learning

Verify Knowledge

◆ Documentation, Coding, and Billing Course - for Urologists and Urology APPs (Online, On Demand)
◆ Self Assessments 

◆ Final Assessment

Continuing Education

Coding Tools

◆ Annual Update Session
◆ Special Sessions
◆ Payer Edit Alerts
◆ New Tech Coding

◆ ​CodingToday
◆ ​E/M Quick Reference Guides
  - Pocket Card
  - Wall Chart
  - Flash Card Deck

Time Commitment

1 hour per week for first 8 Weeks

30 Minutes per week thereafter


I've been in practice for over a number years,  and seem to be doing fine, do I need this?
Yes, in our experience almost every urologist believes they are documenting for reimbursement well.  However, in reality almost all are missing concepts and leaving money on the table and are at risk for take backs.   Every Urologist and Urology APP should understand and know how to apply rules and document for reimbursement correctly. All urologists need to have their knowledge verified regularly with outside Chart Reviews.

How quickly can I become I go through the course work?
That is up to you.  All courses and assessments are self paced and self administered. 

When do I get access to the Course, Community Forum, and Coding Tools?
You will be given access immediate access to all the electronic products: the Course, Community Forum, CodingToday.  Physical products will be mailed, you should receive them in 5 business days.

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