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Dr. Martin's Story - Summary

Meet Dr. Martin, a dedicated urologist working as an employed physician for a hospital. Dr. Martin had all the necessary knowledge to do her job, but she faced a challenge - she couldn't earn her bonus due to a lack of work RVUs. After reviewing her contract, Dr. Martin realized that there was no way for her to generate the required work RVUs with her current schedule.

Around the same time, Dr. Martin was having her first child and went on maternity leave. During her leave, she was determined to find a solution to her bonus problem. She came up with an idea: learning coding and billing could potentially help her earn the bonus. She signed up for the PRS urology coding course and spent time mastering the concepts.

Hear Dr. Martin tell her story

Upon returning to work, Dr. Martin reached out to the coding team and requested that no claims be changed without her consultation. Together, they learned the best way to bill for the services she was providing. Dr. Martin's newly acquired skills allowed her to see fewer patients while still generating more work RVUs.

Before learning coding and billing, Dr. Martin was seeing about 250 patients per month and averaging 400 to 500 work RVUs. After taking the course and applying the concepts, she was seeing 170 patients per month and was able to generate double the work RVUs - 800 to 1000.

Dr. Martin's hard work paid off, and she was then able to land her dream job and negotiate a great salary at a new institution using the coding, billing, and work RVU production data.

In summary, Dr. Martin faced a problem, learned a new skill, collaborated with her team, and achieved her goals. With her newfound knowledge, she was able to work smarter, not harder, and get the results she wanted.


Here is What's Included:

  • Initial Assessment: Find out what you need to learn
  • Video Course Library: Concept videos (less than 10 mins), learn what you need to know
  • Self Assessments: Check to see if you understand the application
  • ​Coding Tools:, E/M Quick Reference Pocket Card and Wall Chart
  • Access to Experts: Ask questions get expert answers, we are here to help you

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